To Grandmother’s House I Return (Meet Brittany!)

I think it should be noted that I am the original roommate.

Yes. That is right. Take it as you may…

In the summer of 2008, I made a big move (4 houses to the right to be exact) and took up residence with nothing short of sheer-crazy. As a college sophomore, living with your grandmother seems, well, lame.  But Nonna prettttty much let me come and go as I please.  What started out as a desire to spend some extra time with the little lady turned in to the best move that ever happened to my social life, short of my college dorm room.  While I had an 11:30pm curfew at my Dad’s house, Nonna just wanted to make sure I came home every 48 hours.  And, if I happened to call Nonna and tell her what time I was coming home, or happened to come home before 11pm, I was greeted with hot stromboli and loving adoration.  This is not to say she is like this with everyone….my sister, at the age of 26, had a 12an curfew as long as she was under Nonna’s roof.  What can I say…Nonna just trusts me more (?).

So, after college and a year-long trip to Thailand…I’m back to the beginning.

What I thought was going to be a return to social freedom has turned into a desolate prison.  1) I have no friends at home anymore (I do have friends…they just don’t live at home; 2) I have work? 3) Nonna now yells at me when I leave the house to go to my sister’s apartment (15 minutes away)…needless to say…its been a little bit of an adjustment.

So, you all know Nonna as the most over-active senior citizen on this side of the Atlantic (cause lets face it – there are definitely more like her in Sicily…).  No doubt, Nonna dishes out hilarious tid-bits, with a side of eggplant (yum) and my sister has steadfastly documented her antics (real time) for two and a half years.  But now, as I have returned…its time for you to see the real nonna

1) The Nonna who names my hair extensions Natasha….

2) The Nonna who questions my eating habits more than Republicans question the Obama administration…

3) The Nonna who watches the Simpsons, Sex and the City, True Life, 16 and Pregnant and most other terrible tv shows…

4) The Nonna who will fix or make any and all things for me at any hour of the day…

5) And finally…the Nonna who now wears a Vietnamese Rice Hat and monster feet slippers while gardening just to make me happy…

What can I say…she clearly loves me more….

I am excited for you to join me on this adventure as co-author of this blog…it should be an interesting ride…


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