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The Dowager Nonna

Recently, I’ve become slightly (ok , seriously) obsessed with Downton Abbey.  My obsession is so extreme that I often find myself speaking in a british accent, referring to my husband as “Lord” and waking up with the expectation that my Lady’s Maid will be bringing me breakfast and brushing my hair.  Notwithstanding my serious personal issues, I had the occasion to speak with Lady Maria about the show over lunch.  After I spent catching her up on three (but for tonights episode!) seaons, Nonna was enraptured.  So much so that she equated this British period piece to her telenovellas.

Nonna: Kelly, I gonna tell you this soundin like my telenovella I watch right now.  The man and the woman they get married and they have a baby and then the lady’s sister come and she is hagly women nella cuore (in her heart) and she lightin everyone on fire and all these people die and they cry all the time.  It is so terrible.

Me: I mean, the similarities are unreal,

Nonna: I know, you gonna watchin these telenovellas because they makin you so…how I say…(walks over to TV and puts her eyeballs to TV)

Me: Involved?

Nonna: Yes.  You want to stop but you no stop.

Me: I feel you.

Nonna: When is you show on?

Me: Sundays at 9 – this week is the last episode for this season.

Nonna: Oh that is perfect for me, there is NO-THING on tv on Sunday nights.  I no have nothing to watch since sister, brother sister cousin (laughs) however you say that show.

Me: Brothers and Sisters?

Nonna: Yes.  I no have nothing on tv after that, because everything is disgust. I no watch the bachelor anymore becausin these girls is crazy.  I can no take it anymore.  And all the other show on ABC are disgust sex and blood and sex all the time.

Me: Non, there are definitely more sex scenes on your telenovellas than on abc primetime.

Nonna: No, honey, on my telenovellas they romantica.  They makin love. The no sex and sex and then disgusting sex.  Its so beautiful on my show.

I’m sure it is, Non.  As I have convinced her to watch tonight’s season finale (and finally confirmed with her that “Dow-Tree Abrey” is on PBS at 9pm, not 8pm)  I will update you all with her thoughts.

For now, I bid you good night.