The Local Travel Ban

{a post by B}

As many of you know, home for me is in NYC. One of the perks of living in a major city is that most everything is within walking distance. Since I really only go to the gym in case the Hunger Games actually happens, I try and take advantage of walking whenever I can.  Usually I use this time to catch up with friends and family, and yesterday was no different. Around 6pm I decided to give Nonna a call and see how her week went.

Nonna: You alive?

Me: Yup, walking home now.


Me: Because I can’t afford to take cabs everywhere? Are you going to start paying for them?

Nonna: No, I just no understand, it’s getting dark out, so how you stay safe?

Me: Nonna, I feel more safe walking anywhere in the city than I do walking from your house to Dad’s. (which is literally 4 houses away but on a dark, street-lightless street surrounded by woods)

Nonna: WHY YOU SAY THINGS LIKE THAT? My house is beautiful number 1. I getta so mad you thinkin I live somewhere not nice.

Me: Wait, what? No, I am just saying, there are always people around and cars, and stores, and lights. There is just enough movement for me to feel safe, because if anything happened there are so many other people around me.

Nonna: Ohhhh. I just don’t understand why you walkin everywhere.

Me: You’re weird. I am almost home anyways. What did you do this weekend?

Nonna: The same thing I do every day. Nothing. It’s cold outside; I don’t do anything when it’s like this. I go to chuch and then I comin home.

Conversation continued, and it came up that Kelly is coming to visit me this coming weekend, something both Kelly and I are excited for as Kelly doesn’t make it to NYC too often. While most would assume that sister bonding is something that family members would see as a really nice thing, Nonna thinks traveling to do anything is unnecessary.

Nonna: What you meanin your sister is coming to see you? Why she always doin things like this? Stop and go – stop and go. STAY! You two never just STAY.

Me: Um, what? I haven’t seen her in so long, I can’t even remember the last time I came home. Maybe I’ll come home in two weeks.

Nonna: No, you stay. You can come home for Easter. I thinkin that’s good enough.

I come to find out that immediately after speaking with me, she calls Kelly to yell at her for planning to travel the one hour from NJ to NYC this weekend. During this conversation she explains to Kelly that she doesn’t understand why we need to spend money to see eachother, when she sees her sister she makes a nice luncheon over her house and they sit down and talk nice.  They don’t need to go anywhere to “spendin time together”.  When Kelly reminded her that her sister needs to travel and hour to come see her, too, Nonna said “I’m sick and tired of you people.”  So ended the conversation.

As a side note, Nonna’s local travel limitation does not apply to international travels as she recently yelled at Kelly for not going to Spain this year to see the churches.  It also does not apply to traveling to NYC for purposes of seeing the Statue of Liberty.



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