Back to the Future.

We’re baaackkkkk!

After a year long hiatus, in the spirit of the Easter season approaching, we have decided this blog needs to be resurrected. (ha.)

Over the past few weeks we’ve realized that simply because neither of us lives with Nonna doesn’t mean she is less crazy. In fact, if anything, it is the opposite – with concentrated time, Non’s working a show during our visits. As it is selfish for us to keep these stories within the family, we are opening it back up to all you amazing followers that have loved and supported us Nonna from the very first post!

To catch you up on a year of hilarity – here are some highlights of what we intentionally deprived you of you missed (blog posts to come!):

1.Nonna is now the newest spokesperson for Christian Mingle.

2. Nonna does not believe that God understands Italian, which explains why she only curses in Italian. (As a side note, she did teach us the Sicilian “F-a you” gesture….which looks like Te-bowing – coincidence?)

3. Nonna believes winter is a time for hibernation, not socialization.  Accordingly, she does not believe that plans should be made in the winter. “Why you no save these shitty things for the summer”. (Note, this also apparently applies to going to the gym) (Further Note, the winter has not stopped her from making her own social plans or heading to church on the daily).

4. Nonna still loves Michael more than all of us.  For example, during a visit a few weeks back, Michael mentioned he missed her Jello chocolate pudding.  Nons has now stocked up as if it was being discontinued, and asks him if he wants some every time he is over. And its actually real, name-brand Jello….not dollar store kind.  #jealous.

5. Nonna has planned and paid for a 14 day European pilgrimage without telling ANYONE in our family.

6. Nonna has a new, updated list of “shitty people”. You might be on it.

7.  After I got sworn into the NY Bar (3 years after I passed the bar exam), Nonna came with me to watch me get sworn in.  Then insisted we get McDonalds after.  At a rest stop.

 8. Nonna pronouces Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn “Filbush Aveeeeenue.” It took us literally 5 full minutes to understand what it was shes was saying – but apparently she used to go there a lot after she got off the boat.

9.  Kelly has received one “you look beautiful” compliment on her work attire.  Its progress – not perfection, people.

10. Nonna still does not understand what Brittany does for a living.



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