It’s a hard Knox life…

Monday. Early Evening… My office phone rings…

Me: Non? Is everything ok?


(translation: Justice! Justice for my grandaughter!)

Me: What are you talking about? Is everything ok?

Nonna: My grandaughter Amanda is a free. They say she is innocente.

Me: Are you talking about Amanda Knox?

Nonna: Yes! I cryin and cryin all afternoon. My sister was here and we cry. Everybody cry. Amanda cry. Its a beautiful day.

Me: I mean…that’s great for her.

Nonna: Tell me one thing. Why they think she killin this girl.  It come on my mind that this girl no do anything wrong. I thinkin everyone want to say she is a nasty number one but I don think she is nasty. I no think she killin that girl.

Me: Well that is probably why they released her.

Nonna: For four years this girl WAAAAIT and WAIIT and WAAIT for someone to say Yes it is! You go home to America.

Me: Ok..well I’m at work.

Nonna: Hey. Avvocato (translation: lawyer). I talk to you about the law. Don you know something.

Me: What is the question?

Nonna: I asking you about why she no come home to America?

Me: When did you ask that? and What are you talking about?

Nonna: I sayin…Why she no come home to America now?

Me: I mean, they are probably trying to get her home now.

Nonna: Ok. But she no have no passporto…they sayin her passport no good.

Me: I am sure they will get her another passport.

Nonna: I think she go on Roma for that.

Me: Ok…well, we can talk about this later.

Nonna: I just gonna tell you one thing.  I doin a Novena for this girl, I pray and pray she come home.

Me: Why?

Nonna: Because this girl is like my granddaughter. It come on my mind that something like this would happen to your sister and she be stuck in jail in some country because they sayin she killin someone but I know she know kill anyone.

Me: Nonna…Brittany lives in America now.

Nonna: I know. But I thinkin about this and I pray and pray this don happen to her.

Me: Got it.

Nonna: Tell me. If people thinkin you sister killin someone then you can help her get out of jail?

Me: No. I’m not a criminal attorney.

Nonna: So what you degree good for?

Me: Nothing apparently.

Nonna: So why you waste all this money.

Me: I don’t know.

Nonna: Ok go do you work avvocato.

Me: Thanks.

Nonna: Giutizia! Giustizia!

And then I hung up the phone…


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