Same same…but different.

As so many of you know, the past few months have been particularly chaotic in my family – the wedding is just around the corner, I’ve (sort-of) moved out of Nonna’s home…and Brimmo has returned to the states.  Naturally, there have been lots of hilarious moments…but as I am no longer THE roommate…I’ve decided to turn this one over to Brittany:

I’ve planned my first meal home from the moment I arrived in Bangkok.  So, when I landed on US soil on April 25, Nonna used my homecoming to showcase her culinary talents – and truly establish why she is a stellar roommate. As I flew into JFK the day after Easter (so my homecoming would not be overshadowed by the resurrection of Christ) I officially missed every holiday of the year, or so I thought..

At 930am, jetlag in full swing, I walk into my house to see this…

Every single holiday displayed on the kitchen table. Thanksgiving turkey (literally), christmas tree, nativity set, easter basket, easter ham, and other meals usually found during a major holiday. Naturally as a true italian girl, my first meal in America was pasta with meatballs (at 930am).

Needless to say, I existed on leftovers for the remainder of the week.

Though there are significant advantages to living with Nonna (see above), there are some…slight…disadvantages to living with a 75 year old woman.  Now, I haven’t lived with Nonna for any time longer than a college break for about 3 years. When I reminded her of that, she cried. “Honey, you don hava no idea how happy I am. But pleas maka your bed.” No problem.

However, as the weeks have gone on, the rules have accumulated. Being the original nonna roommate (yes I lived here before my sister) I have usually just disregarded any and all of her rules.  However, because my sister lives a life only slightly more exiting than a geriatric patient, Nonna is becoming increasingly stern as she has the comparison of my sister to hold onto. I hear at least 5 times a day “Nooo your sister she no do it like that with me.”

To make her happy, and to reserve any sanity I may still be able to salvage , I oblige by her rules. Until she decided I owe her rent.
Yes. Rent.

I am now expected to start paying her $50 a week. As if college loans weren’t stressful enough, I now have a 75 year old crazy telling me on the daily I owe her money.

Good thing I have a lawyer handy…

Anybody have a job for me?


One thought on “Same same…but different.

  1. Sharon Dileo says:

    Brittany (and Kelly) – you girls make me smile…and you are so lucky to have that wonderful Nonna!

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