Yes, Non, they can hear you when you whisper near the webcam…

Though I witnessed the following scenario, I felt that this story was best told through the eyes on the other side of the webcam…my sister, Brittany.  In her words…

Coming at you live from the BKK…

It all started this morning (Bangkok time) when I was finally able to get a hold of my sister via skype. For those who don’t know, my sister and I talk very frequently. We have the time difference down to a science, and are able to still plot ways to get ourselves on the Amazing Race from different hemispheres. The past two weeks have been very chaotic for me, though, making my conversation time with my sister almost non-existent. My friend Marisa is visiting me from the states and we were down in the south of Thailand for a week with no computer access. (Sorry, there was absolutely no reason for me to throw that in there other than to make you all feel bad about being in the bitter cold.) Anyways, I saw that my sister was online so I immediately skype called her with Marisa by my side.

Me/Marisa: HI!!!!

My sister: AHH!! I haven’t talked to you in so long!! AHH MARISA!! YOU’RE THERE!!

….all of a sudden, I notice Kelly is receiving a call on her cell phone, at 10pm.  She immediately starts cracking up and holds the cell phone up to the webcam…The call is from… Nonna.

My sister: Um… Nonna’s calling me?

Me: Is she home?

Mysister: YES, she’s downstairs! (Picks up phone and puts it on speaker) Uh… Hello?

Nonna: (hysterically laughing, not even able to make words due to how funny she is finding herself to be by calling my sister’s cell phone.)

My sister: What are you doing calling me?

Nonna: (still in hysterics) Whaaataaya doin up there? I hear screaming…

My sister: Talking to Brittany on the computer, come say hi!

Nonna is still laughing… no exaggeration. She promptly hangs up the phone, and within seconds is upstairs with a huge grin on her face (I mean can you blame her, she knew she was going to be talking to me) holding… a dog.

Mind you, we do not own a dog, or at least none that I knew about.

Nonna: HI HONEY!! (As she holds the dog like a teddy bear, in which I realize it’s my aunts toy poodle that she may or may not have just stolen from her house.)

Me: NONNA!!!

Marisa: HI NONNA!!!

Nonna is looking at the computer with a blank stare. She turns to Kelly and goes… “I don hava no idea who that girl is.”

The only sounds that are to be heard now in the midst of Nonna’s confusion are my laughter, along with Kelly’s, and the sad sad sound of Marisa’s heart breaking.

Me: NONNA! It’s Marisa!! She came to visit!

Nonna: OHHHHHHHHHHH!! HI HONEY! (She probably still has no idea who Marisa is. Blame it on old age I guess? Keep in mind she is still holding the dog, with no plans of letting it go.)

Normal conversation continues, until one of my friends came into my room, on crutches, and Nonna immediately asks:

Nonna: WHA HAPPEN? Did someone puncha you?

Tommy: Um… no? I stepped on glass.

Me: Nonna why would he be on crutches if he got punched?

Nonna: I don havea no idea what they do in hasia.

Then the time came to say goodbye, and I took Marisa around my campus for the New Years Day party that is going on in literally every classroom. Let’s also note that it is January 8th. I teach at a school with 5000 boys, and no that’s not a typo. With 65 boys in each classroom can you play Where’s Waldo with this picture, or more specifically, where are the only white people…?

Wishing you all a very happy new year from across the world!



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