Name that…movie?

This evening, Nonna and I were in the midst of our normal daily chatter when the subject turned to movies.

Nonna: You know what movie my cousin was talking about, the movie where the guy make music (gestures like a conductor) and singin and he is very successful and his son is deaf or mute or something and he sing…beautiful beautiful COLE.

Me: Mr. Holland’s Opus?

Nonna: Yes. I tellin her I seen this movie 3-4 times and she no need to tell me about it.

Me: Yea. I like that movie.

Nonna: You know what other movie I like?

Me: Titanic?

Nonna: No, everybody know the boat gonna go down (makes a slurping sound).

Me: Ok, what movie then?

Nonna: The one with the football kid that dying.

Me: (silence)

Nonna: Banna songin?

Me: Brian’s song?

Nonna: Yes. I like that one too.

Me: That is sad.

Nonna: So everyone crying some time.

Me: True.

Nonna: Oh. You know what other movie I like, the one where the guy (pretends to moon me) to the President.

Me: Forrest Gump?

Nonna: Yes! I lovin when he do that to the President and then he have to pee so bad. And the other one where the guy moon everyone.

Me: Forrest Gump?

Nonna: No! In the movie where he dressin up like a woman and he watching his kids.

Me: Mrs. Doubtfire? I don’t think anyone moons anything.

Nonna: No. That guy. He was in another movie. He walkin around and show his ass on everyone in his class.

Me: Ohhh… Patch Adams.

Nonna: That movie is funny.  I also like one life to live.

Me: That is a soap opera.

Nonna: No its not.  The movie where the guy die and he comes back and then he die again and the angel come and everyone happy.

Me: What are you talking about?

Nonna: One life to live!

Me: I really don’t think I’ve seen that movie.


Me: Its a wonderful life?

Nonna: Yes. You see this movie?

Me: Uh….obviously if I watch this movie every Christmas I have seen it…

Nonna: Oh. Don make fun on me.

Me: I would never do such a thing.

Nonna: Hey. I gonna tell you, these shoes I wearing…they the most comfortable shoes I never had.

Me: Really…you are asking me not to make fun of you after that comment.

Nonna: What? I never had these shoes on my life…

I mean…it sorta makes sense.


Who wants to play charades with Non?


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