Turkey Tears…

As you all know…my middle sister is in Bangkok right now…which means, she is absent for the holidays this year.  Quite upsetting for Nonna-dearest.  Not only has she cried every day this week about Brittany not being here, but she keeps reminiscing about Brittany’s favorite foods.

For example, like me, my sister has a huge sweet tooth (thanks dad…)…my Aunt makes these AMAZING brownie bites that Britt and I devour every year.  We can literally split an entire pan.  When I asked Nonna what we were having for Tgives dinner this year…Nonna started crying…”You aunt is making the little cakes your aunt makes that you sister lovin so much.  I miss her so much.”

Admittedly, slightly cute.

Over the past few days, I heard how much Brittany loves chicken parm, meatballs, sausage and peppers…when I informed Nonna that none of these foods are on a Thanksgiving table…she started crying again…and then said:

“I missing your sister so much on Thanksgiving…because she lovin to eat that girl.”

Me: You are acting like she is obese…

Nonna: No! Why you sayin such things…you sister is beautiful number one. More beautiful than all my grandchildren (ouch).  Your sister is the most beautiful person because she no say no to my food or say its disgust.

Me: Ok..

Nonna: (Crying again) She just is so good…I lovin to feed her and now I have one less person to feed.

Me: You’re being dramatic.

Nonna: No its not.

Me: Yes it is.

Nonna: I gonna tell you one thing: Thanksgiving is you sister favorite holiday.  She is number one. So I gonna be sad all day T-urs-day because I can’t feed on her. And watching her be crazy.

Me: Maybe we can airmail her some Turkey.

Nonna: I gonna send myself and say SURPRISE. And I bring on her pasta and turkey and cheese.


We miss you Britt 😉

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!


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