St. Anthony, Saint of all things Nonna wishes to happen

Two things about Nonna & Prayer:

1) God listens to Nonna

2) Nonna takes credit for anything she prays for which actually occurs…

For example…

My work-wife passed the bar (yay Elissa!).  When I told Nonna the news…she responded “I knew it was gonna happen…I prayin to St. Anthony for her.”

Me: Well..that was very nice of you.

Nonna: When you pass on the bar it was because I pray on St. Anthony.

Me: Oh…so it wasn’t my studying for 14 hours a day?

Nonna: Studying don have nothing to do with it.  You need anything you pray on St. Anthony. So tell Elissa to pray on St. Anthony.

Me: Well, Elissa is Jewish, so she probably won’t be praying to St. Anthony.

Nonna: Well…maybe you tell her that my prayers makin this come true and she think she might turn Catholic.

Me: What.

Nonna: St. Anthony is powerful. Like me.

Me: St. Nonna…Elissa is not going to “consider” being a Catholic because of St. Anthony.

Nonna: Some people do…you should tell her…Jesus door is always open.

Me: That is very nice of you…but again, she is Jewish.

Nonna: She can pray on St. Anthony anyway.

Me: Ok, I’ll tell her.

Nonna: I pray on St. Anthony for you…so you no become mean to your Nonna anymore.

Guess some of her prayers go unanswered 😉


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