Celebrate Good Times

If there is one thing Nonna knows how to do well it is celebrate her kids (and grandkids).

I marked the close of one chapter of my career yesterday and will be beginning a new one next week, so in the mean time…Nonna and I are “celebrating.”

How are we celebrating?

After the dancing, clapping and gift exchanges (got a new work dress woo!)…I walk downstairs yesterday to find fresh made pizza and two champagne glasses next to a bottle of champagne. I walk back upstairs, shocked that Nonna purchased alcohol for me…and said “Nonna, you got me champagne?”

Nonna: Yes it is…its a celebration.

Me: Wow…this is great. Are you going to drink some with me.

Nonna: Yes it is. You Nonna gonna get drunk.

Me: (Cracking Up the whole way down stairs) Ok, come on…lets pop it open.

I walk downstairs, pick up  the bottle and open the wrapping on top, to find a screw cap. Confused, as I have never seen “scew cap champagne” I glance down at the bottle…

Sparking Cider.

Me: Nonna, this is not champagne.

Nonna: Yes it is.

Me: Where did you get it?

Nonna: Acme.

Me: Ok, let me ask you a question…can you buy other alcohol at Acme?

Nonna: No.

Me: So…why would you be able to buy champagne there…this is apple juice.

Nonna: Oh…so no alcohol.

Me: Nope.

Nonna: Good. Now you be responsible.

Me: I was really hoping for some champagne.

Nonna, cracking up the whole time, pours me a nice big glass of sparking cider…made a lovely toast, clinked my glass and slammed down her first glass.

I slowly nursed mine.

Nonna poured herself another.

Nonna: This is good…good thing there is no alcohol or your nonna would be drunk.

Me: I know, I wanted to see this.

Nonna: Never is going to be the day.



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