Happy Anniversary Nonna!

They say time flies when you’re having fun…How true that statement is:  Nonna and I have officially been living together for one year.  You may be thinking “wow I can’t believe a year has passed…” I am sitting here thinking…”wow, I can’t believe I am still standing.” Alternatively, I am thinking “wow, I can’t believe I still live here.” (kidding…sorta…)

As so many of you know, this year has been filled with lessons, lectures and lots of laughter.  So it was quite appropriate that today was annual “sauce making day.”  You may recall last year’s sauce making day was full of disappointments because she didn’t actually teach me to make jarred sauce.  But today…a year older, a year wiser…Nonna thought it was time for me to learn the art of jarred tomato sauce.  After 6 hours of cutting tomatoes, pureeing and cooking the tomatoes and then jarring the sauce, I learned how much blood, sweat and tears really goes in to every jar she makes.

Non: Finally you see how much workin I do.

Me: Yea. seriously. I am exhausted.

Non: This is why I don want to give it away to anyone.

Me: I understand.

Non: Everytime you give away a jar, you  think how much work it is.

Me: I get it.

Non: When I die. You gonna think of me.

Me: (silence)

Non: I gonna give you the machine. You the only one who gonna do it.

Me: Probably. Thank you.

Non: I expect you to cry when I say this.

Me: Uh…I’m sorry…don’t die.

Non: I no gonna die till my grandchildren don need me anymore.

Me: Oh ok. Phew.

Non: Until then you stick on me.

Me: Darn, I was hoping to get the sauce maker sooner.

Non: You never gonna make it like me.

Me: I know. But I will try.

Non: I gonna watchin you from heaven and say “HEY! No good.”

I’m pretty sure that after Nonna meets her roommate, she will be popping down pretty often to tell me how I screwed something up…,as she always tells me “you gonna be one hundred percent like me or I don like you.”

Since it’s the one year anniversary edition, I decided to break my traditional blog style and conduct a formal sit down interview with Nonna to commemorate this special occasion.

(Side Note: Nonna decided to turn into bed early tonight, so I had to wake her up to conduct this interview.)

Me: What was your first thought after I moved in.

Nonna: In the beginning it was beautiful.

Me: That doesn’t make sense.

Nonna: We had good day and bad day. Some day I want to kill you. Most of the time I love you.  I work double for no money. I am broke. I have to feed you. I don’t know whether I am happy or sad when you leave. I let you know later.

Me: Favorite memory?

Nonna: Get up in the morning. Make a cup of coffee. Make your lunch for you. I get up in the morning and talk to somebody.

Me: Your favorite memory is making my lunch?

Nonna: My grandchildren is first place. You are number one.

Me: That doesn’t answer the question…but anyway, What do I need to improve on this year?

Nonna: You do the best you can. You are better than everyone. But you need to do better and better. You gonna washin clothes by yourself but I know you can do it.

Me: Uh…okay. What would you like to do this year with me?

Nonna: I hope we go to New York and see the statue of liberty and Ella island with both five grand children.

Me: I think when we get to Ellis Island I am going to send you back.

Non: Good Idea.

Me: Now that the bathroom has been re-tiled, do you have any new home improvement projects?

Nonna: Nothing on my vision. Something broke I fix it.I want to reschedule the garage. The bathroom is pretty good.

Me: Do you mean reorganize?

Non: No I mean reschedule. Re do everything.

Me: Oh…yea you mean reorganize.

Non: Reschedule, re-organize…whatever.

Me: What do you think about my blog?

Nonna: I think its time to retire.  Every day something different for me.  Everyone gets tired hearing about this full of bologne which its not. When you gonna stop?

Me: Never.

Nonna: Then you gonna do something on your telephone. The blob on the telephone.

Me: That is a great idea.  Are you looking forward to my wedding?

Me: Yes. I am started worrying about it.  After we buy the dress then we really say thats the way its gonna be and we accept it.

Me: Any words to my blog readers?

Nonna: Thank you very much nice people. I don’t know if its good or bad but my granddaughter enjoy my broke english. I try enjoy the best I can. I love all of you. Taken good care. If my granddaughter write a book someday it be nice if she make a little bit of money. Please buy.  I got a good time with her. Good or bad. Some day I want to kill her. No matter what before we go to bed as long as she eat we okay. Love, Nonna. Good night sweet people. I’m in bed already. Go home.

Then she kicked me out.  Pretty rude.

Anyhow, I want to take a moment to thank you all for reading this blog and enjoying this crazy ride.  It is my most sincere pleasure to make you laugh.  Here’s to another year (or ten months) of living with this crazy woman.

Extra Notes

1) You may be wondering how we jumped from day 316 to day 365..just go with it…I never pretended to be good at Math.

2) I apologize for the lack of blogging –  1/2 laziness and 1/2 craziness.


One thought on “DAY 365: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

  1. blue says:

    Was just having a day of madness with my upcoming wedding plans and literally stopped everything to take a peak at your blog…..THANKS FOR THE BREAK. THANKS FOR THE LAUGHTER! Oh, and by the way, we didnt name the band JESUS IS MY ROOMMATE afterall…..we are TRIBECA BLUE!!!

    Keep writing…I get married on october 29th and will need you to settle my nerves again soon!

    ~~~~~~~blue zerillo

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