Day 294: Just a couple a hoes in a garden…

Apparently, I have a green thumb.

Strike that…apparently, Nonna is a farmer.

Our beautiful back yard is now covered in foliage.

Example 1:

(notice St. Francis)

It doesn’t stop at the deck…

Or beneath the deck…

Or beside the deck…

As you can see…we have quite a crop going on…

The other day, we were walking around examining the growing produce…when we both stopped in our tracks.

Nonna: Hey, look over here.

Me: (examines egg plants)…wait…are you serious?

Nonna: (hysterical laughter…then whispers) My plant is HUMAN PARTS.

Yes. Look Again.  Nonna’s eggplant has “man parts.”

Now, since the great discovery, Nonna has told literally every person about her well endowed plants.  My dad. Women at Church. Her Aunt in Italy. Her dentist.

Given her excitement about her growing phallic foliage… I began to wonder why this fascinated her so much.

You can guess her response…

“Honey…I no see one of these so close in thirty years.”

Soon enough…her garden began to produce all sorts of other “surprises…”

When I told her I would be frightened if I saw a “man part” that looked like that…she informed me this was “normal size…”

I was referring to the bumps…but hey, whatever works.


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