Day 282: Skype

As you all know…my sister is in Thailand (read about it on her blog:…given the time difference, and the crazy costs of international calling…we communicate with her through Skype.

I’m sure you are all familiar with Skype.  So I need not explain the concept of video chat.

However, I should have explained this concept to Nonna.

I must begin with the fact that Non-ski hates computers.  She thinks computers, cell phones, i-pods are the devil’s toys.  Accordingly, she gets mad whenever I get a BBM, text, phone call or use my computer to do anything…unless I am doing something which benefits her. Like talking to her favorite granddaughter.

Nonna calls Skyping “talking on the computer.”  So whenever she wants to talk to Brimmo she says “Whena can we talk on the computer with your sister.”  Thereafter, I usually set up a date for her to talk to Britt.  She gets very nervous before these calls.  She walks around, gets very impatient and then usually starts smiling uncontrollably.  If it doesn’t work, (and it frequently doesn’t) she gets very angry:  “This a computer is acting crazy….WHY IT NO WORK? YOU SISTA IS GOING TO LEAVE AND I NO GET TO TALK TO HER FOR THREE WEEKS.”  Generally, it causes us a fight between us until the video chat begins.  As soon as she sees Brittany’s face she calms down…and smiles uncontrollably….and then yells…”HI HONEYDEW.”

Brittany is usually equally as excited at this moment. Very touching. Until she yells that she can only see the top of Non’s head and Nonna looks at me like I am ruining her life.

Then they begin talking about whatever Nonna wants to talk about it.  Usually Nonna asks Brittany about food…whether she misses Nonna’s coffee…or her new favorite subject…Brittany’s Tai Kwon Do classes.  The past two times they have spoken, Nonna has started doing Karate moves at the camera while making these whistling sound effects.  She looks like a cartoon when she does this.  Sometimes she adds a few kicks.  I ofter fear she is going to try these fierce moves on me.

Then, without fail, she asks Britt when she is coming home…or whether she is homesick…or whether she can’t wait to come home.

Brittany is in Thailand for the next eleven months…she plays along and says she misses us etc…but today, Brittany asked Nonna to prepare a feast for her homecoming.  Obviously this made Nonna’s day.  After we were done speaking to Britt, Nonna began to plan every meal for Brittany’s home coming. She told me she was going to start writing a list so that her food would convince Brittany to come home and stay at home.  After I told her that I doubted her delicious food would bring her back before next May, Nonna informed me to go to hell.

The other thing about these skype sessions is that Nonna weirdly touches the computer screen while talking to Brittany.  I literally have Nonna’s fingerprints all over my computer screen as she attempts to touch Brittany’s face.  So annoying. When I tell her Brittany cannot feel her touches, she gets very frustrated: “You think I stoopid?  I know she no feel me.  But she feel me. I know it.”

Sorta cute…in a creepy way.


2 thoughts on “Day 282: Skype

  1. blue says:

    Dude…’re hysterical. I googled JESUS IS MY ROOMMATE cause its a band name we thought of this week since I live in an old renovated church and me and my guitarist jam here adn wrote all of our songs here…..and I always say JESUS IS MY ROOMMATE….well cause HE IS and well anyhow…I google and here you are…so funny! Adn as weird would have it….I totally just posted on my favebook page that lil girl screaming into the mirror how great her life is…..weird right? I KNOOOOOW! So yeah….I wanna keep up with you and your nonna now….I miss my italian gmas….this is ike some kind of fix!

    keep writing,,,,,and Ill keep singing.


    find me on facebook, will ya?

    • homeagaink says:

      That is fantastic! I am glad you like the blog – keep on singing!!

      P.S. That little girl is hilarious.

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