Day 268: The Nonnys

It is no secret that Nonna watches a lot of television.  But it was not until I was home sick last week that I understood just how much she actually watches.  As she has multiple televisions in one room…she has the ability to watch two, even three, shows at the same time.  English, Spanish, Soap Operas, Day Time Talk Shows, Sports, News…you name it she knows it all.

So this led me to inquire what she feels are “the best shows on day time television.”

Best News Program: “I like on channel six…but sometimes I thinkin they stupid so I watch channel seven.” (Congratulations 6abc and Good Morning America and Eyewitness News and Good Morning America).

Best Day Time Talk Show: “Rachel Ray is the most stupid woman on television. I hate on her.  I only like Regis no Kelly.  But, you know who I like? The black woman. She tall and crazy.”  (Congratulations Tyra Banks).

Best Soap Opera: “You knowin what I like.  General Hospital. All My Children. One Life to Live. But they all stupid now. So I pick Judge Judy.”  Me: Judge Judy is not a soap opera. Nonna: Oh. I still like her best.  (Congratulations Judge Judy).

Best Mid Day Game Show:  “I used to like Price on Right, and when they used to say come down and I would play and yell. I always right. But, now I don watch that anymore. I watch on that show where people open the boxes or millionario”  (Congratulations Deal or No Deal and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire)

Best Mid Day Talk Show:  “Ellen is funny but I no watch her every day.  Oprah is stupid now. So you know who I like…the show where you don know who the baby father is and they fight.” Me: Jerry Springer? Nonna: Yes! JERRY JERRY. Me: You cannot be serious… Nonna: Yes it is. That is entertainonment”  (Congratulations Jerry Springer).

Best “Judge” Show: I like them all because they make people feel stupid.  But Judge Judge is the number one on my life.  I think she is my favorite person to watch everyday.  I want to sue someone so I can go on that show. (Congrats Judge Judy, again)

I think next year we should have a formal award show.

On a related note: Nonna is obsessed with the NBA finals…but she can’t understand its a seven game series.  Every morning she tells me she needs to see the score of the game because she fell asleep because it was the finale.  When I tell her its the “finals” not the last game…she looks at me confused and tells me its the last game. Thank God the next one is actually the last.

She also tells me this morning: “that guy I hate is so good so I hate him more. Why he stick it in other people he should stick it in the hoop.” (Congrats Kobe?).


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