Day 259: Helpful Reminders

As my former roommates will tell you…I am pretty forgetful.  Particularly when it comes to things I need to bring with me.  I generally, in my pursuit to multitask and leave the house quickly, have an issue with remembering important things.  For example: During my first year of law school, I went to sit for my very first exam.  Sat down, set up my laptop and realized…I did not have my power cord.  It was a four hour exam. My toshiba was not cutting it.  So, I sped back to my apartment, discovered it was NOT (to my amazement) in my apartment.  Panicked, I retraced my steps and found my power cord in the middle of my friend/former roommate Lizzie’s hallway. I went back to school…and Lizzie just shook her head in the way she always does when I forget something like that. 

Well, Liz, you would have shaken your head today BIG TIME.  I forgot my engagement ring at home. (Sorry Chris!)

Now, I know you people are thinking…this is a NONNA blog, what does this have to do with Nonna?!  Well, I arrived at home to find this sign:

That means…Do Not Forget Your Ring!

Why did she write it in Italian?

“So people don know what I talking about.”

Oh, because people won’t notice the wonderful illustration of the ring in the corner.

Nonna informed me that she would be placing these signs in my bedroom and bathroom.  In her words, “Chris payin good money for that thing. You better wear it and say, my boyfriend buyin me these things.”

I asked if she could please make me signs to prevent me forgetting or losing other things…like my sanity.

But, just in case I do lose something…St. Anthony got some new eyes to look for it:

Yes. Nonna did glue googly eyes onto this St. Anthony statue. Which she found in the garbage.

As an aside, she installed flooring today in our bathroom.

That is all.


2 thoughts on “Day 259: Helpful Reminders

  1. blue says:

    GOOGLY EYES ON ST ANTHONY!!! Now thats comedy!!!

  2. blue says:

    looking back at it…..borderline creepy….but still oh so funny!

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