Day 246: Goodbye Brittany, Have Fun In Guatamala!

As some of you may or may not know…Brittany (middle immo)  is headed to Thailand to teach english to fourth graders for a year…Nonna, naturally, is distraught by her imminent departure.  Neverthless, she is announcing her departure to all her beautiful friends.  As Thailand is a difficult place for Nonna to remember (see above blog title) she has written down the name of the country down so she can properly inform her friends of Brimmo’s whereabouts for the year.

Makes sense. Except Not.

Anyway, this whole week Nonna and Brittany have been fighting about packing. And by fighting I mean Nonna would stand over Brittany as if she was a prisoner of war, crying, and asking if she could pack some of B’s clothes – and Brittany would tell Non she is so annoying or “dumpy” (Britts new word…). 

Britt did, however, finish packing…eventually…and the partying began…

and with partying came Linda…one of Britt’s friends from college.

Linda is a gorgeous greek girl. However, Nonna is convinced Linda is Italian.  She is also convinced that Linda’s boyfriend is the most beautiful human being on earth.  She originally thought Linda’s boyfriend was her brother, and thought he would be a good match for Brittany because he is so “good looking.”

Anyway, during the time Linda was here, Nonna continually made comments about how Linda is a good italian girl.  For example, Linda killed a bug.  Nonna thought this was a mark of her italian fierceness.  “Tha Linda, she is italian number one.”  Well Non, actually she is Greek. “No, I don think so.”  While Linda was leaving, Nonna made a point to tell Linda to say hello to her boyfriend for her.  Because Nonna is “available.”

Anyway, Brittany leaving for Thailand is not the only exciting news…

I got engaged on Friday! (Boyfriend Chris is now…”Fiancee” Chris”)

Now, my engagement would not be complete without a classic Nonna story…

Chris proposed to me outside of my/Nonna’s house.  (Don’t worry, he told Nonna ahead of time so she was mentally prepared).  Nonna and my sister were sitting on the porch and saw us walk by to the side patio.  As Chris was proposing and getting on one knee, and I was in total shock, I hear my sister go “Where are you guys”  (Chris cringed…and I laughed out loud…).  We later found out the reason for the shoutout.  Nonna heard us go to the side of the house, and basically wanted to know if I was getting proposed to so that she could eavesdrop.  First, she made my sister go to the backyard to get a sheet.  After Britt went outside, got the sheet and didn’t actually look for us, Nonna got pissed.  Then, she kept asking Britt where we were so Britt, to shut non up, yelled out “where are you guys.”  Then, after they could hear me crying, Nonna was whispering – WHAT ARE THEY SAYING?! Britt looked at her and told her “you don’t deserve to listen to this” and turned up the volume on the front porch.  Pretty appopriate.

After the phone calls were made, and the celebration began…Chris and Nonna were by themselves. 

Nonna looked at Chris and said, “Everything is over, no more nervous…all you have left is an empty [ring] box and a hole in your wallet.”

Wise words Nonna…wise words. 

Not going to lie – I’m pretty excited to see where “wedding planning” takes this blog…that and Nonna’s attempts to “skype” with Brittany.


2 thoughts on “Day 246: Goodbye Brittany, Have Fun In Guatamala!

  1. SandeeT says:

    Congrats on your engagement, but did he ask your Dad first. Poor Joe.

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