Day 240 – White Jean Tuxedo

If any of you watch wheel of fortune…the title of this blog pays tribute to my favorite category: Before and After.

Last thursday my friend Tricia (who now lives in California) came over to spend some time with Nonna and I.  Over the course of dinner, Nonna began to ramble about pretty much anything she could.  Tricia and I obviously laughed at her insane stream of conciousness-esque conversation style…until Nonna began to talk about her new “white jean jacket.” 

Now, I am notoriously un-fashionable. I am pretty much your basic jeans and t-shirt/sweater, and whatever my sister decides to give me when she is sick of, kind of girl. But, even I had to crack up at the idea of Nonna wearing a “white jean jacket.”  Until Tricia informed me that “white jean” is in style.  Tricia also commented that the “jean tuxedo” look is also back in style.  Nonna informed us that she rocked the jean tuxedo look to church until recently after one of her arch nemisis called her a “cow girl.”

The next day at breakfast, Nonna presented me with her jean jacket. 

Nonna: Look at this jacket. So beautiful. My friend she buy it for me because she say I am the number one beautiful person.  But, she telling me this jacket is eighty-five dollars.  Why she spend so much? I can get the same thing for thirty-three dollars. 

Me: Well, It was nice of her to get it for you.

Nonna: Yes it is.  I gonna wear it to your sisters graduation.

Me: Really?

Nonna: I gonna look fashion-able.

Me: That is one way of putting it.

Nonna: I think I am going to look for some Gloria Vanderbilt white jeans to match.

Me: Are you kidding me?

Nonna: No its not. I gonna look so nice in the summa-time.

Me: A white jean jacket with white jeans.

Nonna: Yes it is.

Me: What would you say if I wore that?

Nonna: Beautiful. But tell me one thing, do the cowgirls where this?

Me: What?

Nonna: The cowgirls? Do they wear white jeans?

Me: Maybe?

Nonna: H-ok. I wear the white jean jacket with the blue jeans.

Me: You are stylish.

Nonna: Number one. Don you forget it.

Watch out people, Nonna is a trend-setter…


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