Day 269: Happy Secret Admirer!

While so many of you were drinking margaritas or shooting tequila…I was begging Nonna to make me tacos.

May 4, 2010

Me: Nonna, do you know how to make tacos?

Nonna: Yes it is.

Me: Can you make some tomorrow.

Nonna: No.

Me: Please. Its cinco de mayo tomorrow…

Nonna: Che Cosa fa secret admirer?

Me: A secret admirer is when someone likes you but you don’t know who they are. Why?

Nonna: So why people say happy secret admirer?

Me: They don’t

Nonna: Why you want me to make tacos for secret admirer.

Me: Wait…its not Secret Admirer, It’s Cinco De Mayo.

Nonna: Its what I say…Secret Admirer.

Me: Um…how do I explain this…Cinco de Mayo is the Fifth of May. Cinque de Maggio (italian).

Nonna: OHHHHH. (laughs).  I keep saying why people saying secret admirer. I don wan no shitty secret admirer.

Me: So will you make me tacos. You are supposed to eat tacos on cinco de mayo.

Nonna: Who sayin.

Me: Me. And it is a mexican holiday. So…I would like tacos.

Nonna: No, If it cinque de maggio its italian so I makin you pasta.

Me: Man…I really wanted tacos.

Cinco De Mayo


Nonna: Happy Secret Admirer.  I makin you tacos.

Me: Yes!!!

Nonna: (presents me with a pita stuffed with turkey) Here your tacos for lunch.

Me: Is this some kind of joke?

Nonna: (laughter) I no makin you no different kind of taco.

Me: Bummer…

So off I went to work…I celebrated cinco de mayo with my pita sandwich.  All the while secretly hoping my guilt tactics would result in a taco feast when I got home.  One thing about Nonna is that if you ask her for something she will find a way to make it happen…she might say no at first…and the thing you want will usually end up coming from the dollar store…but much like a genie – she dreams come true. 

And my wish was granted….

I was greeted at the door by Nonna doing the Mexican Hat dance to the Tarantella song (If you have ever been to an italian wedding…this combination is not unusual).  She clapped the whole way down the stairs…where I was greeted with a full spread of taco ingredients (I took a picture but its not downloading – many apologies): Hard shells, soft shells, chedder cheese, taco meat, sour cream, light sour cream (in case I am watching my figure), salsa, lettuce, tomato, and green chili peppers. And then, there was also, pesto pasta, steamed broccoli and chili. I mean…seriously. Sometimes I just want to know what goes through her head when she is cooking…

After eating a couple of tacos and feeling quite satisfied… Nonna sits down next to me and says “I think I love tacos. I think I gonna makin them more.”

Me: Good idea…I like tacos.

Nonna: Your grandmother is not stupid….I can make italian, stir fry, corned beef and cabbage and now I can make mexicano. You never gonna find no one like me.  I hope you half as good as me.

Little does she know….I can make mean fajitas…


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