Day 245: Nonna vs. Len Goodman

One of my favorite things to do with Non is watch DWTS.

Particularly because she hates Len Goodman.

This is why…

She thinks Len doesn’t know anything about ballroom dancing.  Everyone Nonna thinks is good, Len thinks is awful.  They only thing they agree on is that Kate Gosslin is pitiful.  But, everytime Len makes a comment Nonna makes one of the following comments:



(insert screaming and clapping over Len Goodman’s commentary)


(insert spitting at the computer)

Who he think he is? A master?

Well actually Nonna…according to Wikipedia…Goodman started dancing at the age of 19 after a short time as an engineering apprentice. He tried dancing only in an attempt to recover from a foot injury sustained while playing football. He turned professional, won various competitions, and retired from dancing after winning the British Championships at Blackpool in his late twenties. During the 1970s and early 1980s, his dance school in Dartford was home to a very popular Saturday night youth disco, which helped to keep the majority of Dartford’s young people out of trouble. He is a recipient of the Carl Alan Award, in recognition of outstanding contributions to dance.

When I read this to her…Nonna told me that I am a traitor.  I didn’t even know she knew that word existed.

To add insult to injury, Len Goodman just gave Erin Andrews a 6.  Nonna walked away from the tv yelling about how dumb he is.

Then…he gave Nonna’s FAVORITE, Lysacek an 8.  This time she was sad:  “He is a tough guy.  He is supposed to have a little bit of the heart.  Poor people is trying.”

I thought an 8 was good…

In case you were interested in betting on DWTS in Vegas here are Nonna’s picks:

Aiden: He did it pretty good.

Kate: (makes ugly face)

Nicole: She do pretty good.

Evan: (thumbs up) number one.

Chad: No I don’t like him.

Jake: No I dont like him. He don dance good at all.

Pamela: oooo I don like her personally.

Niecy: Not attractive to me.

Erin: I don even remember who is.

So, according to Nonna, Evan is the only one worth watching.  Or Nonna. I recently overheard her speaking to Aunt Mary about how the two of them would do well on the show.  May I remind you that Nonna had a hip replacement and Aunt Mary has a pacemaker…At least they would be entertaining.


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