Day 244: Nonna is retiring

Nonna is announcing her retirement from my blog.

Before you all start crying…I informed her that she was not permitted to retire.

Here is her reasoning why: I don want people to laugh anymore.  I want everyone to cry.

Me: Why?

Nonna: Because I am too busy to be funny.

Me: Nonna, its so natural.

Nonna: I have better things to do.

Me: Like what?

Nonna: My sewing. You laundry.

Me: Nonna, I will do my own laundry.

Nonna: I wan people to take me serious.

Me: People do take you serious.

Nonna: No its not.People laugh on me.

Me: Well you do funny things.

Nonna: Tell me what it is funny?

Me: Well its funny that you just made a years supply of broccoli rabe for no reason.

Nonna: I got the rabe and I makin it for you to eatin. Whats so wrong?

Me: Well, nothing really I guess.  You also say funny things.

Nonna: Well you gonna take serious what I say.

Me: I take it very seriously, Its just funny.

Nonna: Okay. But, now you gonna write about somebody else not me.

Me: Who should I write about.

Nonna: Your father.

Me: Nah.

Nonna: Your sisters.

Me: No, they are crazy.

Nonna: Jesus.

Me: I already write about Him on my blog.

Nonna: How?

Me: I write about you and Him.

Nonna: That is the best compliment on my life.

Me: That wasn’t a compliment.

Nonna: You bitch. I no talk to you anymore then you gonna have nothing to talk about.

Me: Shit.


One thought on “Day 244: Nonna is retiring

  1. tricia says:

    you tell nonna that when she thinks about retiring from your blog, she should also think of my face…crying…

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