Day 219: Nonna Madness

Yes, everyone…Nonna officially has a NCAA bracket.

No that is not her handwriting.

So, this year my boyfriend and I challenged our families to a family v. family march madness show down.  Of course Nonna was required to fill out a bracket.  I printed out a bracket and sat down this evening to help her fill it out.  Here is the conversation that followed.

Me: Ok, Non we have to fill out a bracket for you.

Non: Wha?

Me: Like on TV, college basketball…we are going to predict the winner.

Non: No I no doin that.

Me: Why not?

Non: I don know what I doin.

Me: I’m going to help you.  Ok, who do you think will win: Kansas or Lehigh?

Nonna: Villanova.

Me:  No, who do you think will win between Kansas and Lehigh?

Nonna: Kansas, I heard they are number one.

Me: Good job. (insert game picking conversation here).

Nonna: H-ok, every school that is Catholic is going to winnin.

Me: Ok…(advances St. Marys, Notre Dame, Siena, Nova, Georgetown etc…)

Nonna: Now we done?

Me: Non, that was just the first round…we have to do it again until we get to a winner.

Non: I told you Vill-A-Nova is a going to win.

Me: But they have to play someone in the final game.

Nonna: Ok they gonna play George-a-town.

Me: So Villanova v. Georgetown in the final game?

Nonna: Yes it is…

Me: Ok, now we need to fill in the rest of the bracket.

Nonna: Ok, everyone who is a catholic winnin again.

Me: Ok…but St. Marys and Villanova are playing eachother, who wins.


Me: Ok, Ok I get it.

On and on we went…I will share some of Nonna’s bracket predictions….

Kansas loses to Iowa in the second round.

Siena is in her elite eight.

Texas beats Kentucky in the Second Round.

Murray St. beats Vanderbilt

Sam Houston beats Baylor

Montana beats New Mexico

and my personal favorite….UCSB makes it to the sweet sixteen. (Nonna called it: you-a – essa-essa-arra-arra-bea whatever.)

Crazier things have happened I suppose….like having Nonna serve you your coffee at 6:00 am in this mug (like I did this morning)

In case you were wondering…the words in the vaginal tablet image appear when you fill the mug a hot beverage…creative.


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