Day 203: Language Barrier…

Very Un-P.C. conversation with Nonna.

Nonna: I heard of on the news the black women havin a hard time getting married in Korea…why it is?

Me: Um? What?

Nonna: The black women in Korea.

Me: I didn’t think there were a lot of black women in Korea…maybe its because Korean men like to marry Korean women?

Nonna: I don think you understand on me…the (pause) black (pause) women (pause) in (pause) KO-RE-RE-A.

Me: (silence)

Nonna: Korea…like doctors, lawyers….

Me: CAREER? Like, black women in CAREERS?

Nonna: Its what I say.

Me: No…you said Korea…like a country.

Nonna: What is Korea?

Me: Its in Asia.

Nonna: No honey, there are no black people in Asia I don think.

Me: I’m sure there are…

Nonna: I don know nothing, you know everything, I no speak anymore.  I gonna watch the news where they dis-cust these things.  It is very interesting on me.  I thinkin black women with CAR-REAS should be married first.  They be somebody.

Me: I agree.

Nonna: Good.

Me: I am a CARREA woman too….

Nonna: Yes it is.


One thought on “Day 203: Language Barrier…

  1. Aubrey says:

    good story, but stop messing around kelly. we all know the religious retreat was sunday. i’m not even going to pretend i haven’t been checking your blog every hour on the hour since the stroke of midnight. give the goods, woman.

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