Day 190: Apollo One

If there is one thing Nonna loves (besides Jesus, cooking, nagging  and my sister Brittany) its the Olympics.

Today, I get home from work and Nonna greets me at the door announcing today’s “Olympic Developments”

Nonna: The U-Nited Estates won another one.

Me: A gold medal?

Nonna: Yes it is.

Me: In what?

Nonna: I thinkin ski? (way to go Lindsey Vonn!)

Me: Ok that’s awesome!

Nonna: Did you see last night? The men doing…doing…(Nonna gets up and spins around)?

Me: Figure skating?

Nonna: Yes, my nerves is like this. (that means she is nervous) because the American and the Chinese or whatever are very close and they doing again tomorrow and I don know who is gonna win.  I stayin up until Midnight-a to watch and then they tellin me to watch again on Wednesday.

Me: Yes, they have to skate twice.

Nonna: Why don they tell this in the beginning. All night I praying for the American and I say, we gonna win we gonna win. You know the Americans we don’t win since the Brian Brian.

Me: Brian Boitano?

Nonna: Thats what I saying…Brian Brian. Anyway, I hopin we win.  Now tonight is-a very important.  The kid Polo is skating.

Me: Polo?

Nonna: The kid from Dancing with the Stars!

Me: Apollo Ono?

Nonna: Yes! How you sayin? Pallo Pallo?

Me: What is with you and the double names tonight? Its Apollo Ono.

Nonna: Paulo Uno?

Me: A-Poll-O Oh-No.

Nonna: Paulo Uuuuuh-no.

Me: Good job. Ok I need to do work.

Nonna: Ok. Remember Apollo One he skate at eight o’clock.

Good luck Apollo One. (And the Rest of Team USA!!)


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