Day 182: Lent

As you may or may not know…Ash Wednesday is nearly a week away.  Naturally, Nonna is planning her 40 days of devotion to my other roommate.Until recent years, Nonna used to fast (eat one meal a day) for all of Lent.  She also goes to Church every day (instead of her usual 5-6 days a week) and will remind me daily to go to Church (hence, signing me up for a religious retreat).

In addition to all of the above, Nonna, like most other Catholics, gives something “up” for Lent. Usually, Nonna gives up cursing my mom for Lent, but this year, she has a new goal in mind…

Yesterday, Nonna told me she gained 5lbs.  As you know, Non is very proud of her weight…so this was very upsetting to her.  Her doctor told her it was ok as she is a fine specimen of health (way to go ox!), but still Nonna wanted to make some changes.  So here are Nonna’s “Lenten Resolutions”

Nonna: I thinkin I gonna fast this year.

Me: Non, we talked about this, its not good to fast at your age you need to eat.

Nonna: No, I gonna eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, but nothing in between.  And for lunchin I gonna have a salad.

Me: Ok…

Nonna: And I no eat sweets. No cookies, no cake no chocolata.

Me: Ok.

Nonna: And I gonna start walkin again.

Me: Nonna…are you going on a diet for lent?

Nonna: Yes. But its why I do it during Lent. Because if I do it for Jesus its easier.

Me: Isn’t going on a diet selfish though for Lent?

Nonna: No, I give up talkin bad about people like your mother.

Me: Ok, phew.

Nonna: And you gonna go to Church.

Me: I know, I know…

So in approximately 50 days, Nonna will be skinny AND nice….I hope my blog stays interesting…without her food and talking bad about people, what am I gonna write about?!


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