Day 169: State of the Nonna Address

The Following Conversation took place “real time” beginning at 9:00 pm EST:

Nonna: You cousin is on.

Me: I know.

Nonna: What is that state on the union address?

Me: It is a speech the president gives ever year about what is going on in the country and what he hopes to do this year.

Nonna: Ok ok.


Nonna: I think I have an idea.  I think you should write to Michelle.

Me: Why?

Nonna: Say, hey first-a lady, I am a young lawyer and I need a job and can you give me some advice.  You think she write back to you?

Me: Maybe. But doubtful.

Nonna: If she write on back you I never gonna make fun on her clothes again. Maybe she give you a job?

Me: Probably not Non.

Nonna: You and michelle you run the country.

Me: In J-Crew.

Nonna: No, I no like J-Crew, too expense.

Me: Ok in JC Penney

Nonna: Ok.


Nonna: I think the vice president no want to get up…these people stand to much.  It’s nice exercise!

(side note: Nonna proceeds to stand up and sit down every time Congress does for the next ten minutes).

(Minute 47: Nonna fell asleep.)

Nonna: Obama come on, I need to go home.

Me: You are home…

Nonna: No I need to go dream about Jesus

(after speech)

Nonna: Well, I hope he givin me a raise on my social security next year.


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