Day 167: Everything…its whats for dinner…

I really believe Nonna thinks I am starving.

Today, I come home ready to eat and find a delicious sight: grilled cheese.

Now, few people understand how much I love a grilled cheese sandwhich. Its probably one of my all time favorite things to eat – something about bread and cheese and butter makes my heart swell.

I sit down to eat my grilled cheese and some veggies, when Nonna walks up to me with an announcement:

Nonna: I makin you something else.

Me: Oh, thanks Non but this is enough.

Nonna: (pulls out of the oven sausage and potatos) You gonna eat it.

Me: Non, I really am ok.

Nonna: You gonna eat it now.  Make me feel good.

Me: Ok (have a piece of sausage)

Nonna: No potatos?

Me: I didn’t feel like it.

Nonna: (starts to slam things around kitchen)

Me: Ok ok ok….(eats potatos)

Nonna: Do you know what today is?

Me: What?

Nonna: Feast of St. Paul. So I makin cavatelli and you need to eat it because you a sinner.

Me: Seriously?

Nonna: Yes. You gonna eat it now.(pulls out bowl of pasta)

Me: Non, I have already eaten a grilled cheese, veggies, sausage, potatos…

Nonna: Its a devotion.

Me: Fine. (eats pasta like a good catholic?)

Nonna: time for dessert?

side note: Nonna has also taken to throwing surprises in my lunch….for example, today I packed my lunch box and when I get to work – surprise – two pieces of pizza.  I know many of you are probably jealous..but really, how am I supposed to keep up my girlish figure with this?!


One thought on “Day 167: Everything…its whats for dinner…

  1. Aubrey says:

    hahahahaha! i love the lunch surprises SO much! cutest ever.

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