Day 151: New Year’s Resolutions

Nonna: I gonna tell you my New You resolution.

Me: What is it?

Nonna: When you come down in the morning I no gonna tell you if you look like shit.

Me: What?

Nonna: I don care if you have one brown shoe and one black shoe or your hair lookin crazy. I no gonna say one word.

Me: How is that a New Year’s Resolution?

Nonna: Because you gonna learn how to dress yourself.

Me: Do I normally look bad?

Nonna: No, but the other day you makin me very mad because you wore a new shirt and you no iron the shit.

Me: It was a button down shirt…I didn’t know I had to iron it when it was brand new.

Nonna: Yes it is. You gonna iron it.

Me: I am hopeless.

Nonna: H-ok I tell you if your shirt need to be iron. But nothing else, I no like the way you react to me.

Me: No, its because when I come downstairs in the morning you evaluate me and then walk away. Come back and try and fix me.  You can just tell me instead.

Nonna: See, you is ungrateful.

Me: No, I am not ungrateful, I just don’t like to be smacked around at 6am.

Nonna: So what is your New You resolution.

Me: Be nicer to you.

Nonna: Good idea. Now I don need to do my New You resolution.


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