Day 147: Nonna’s Crush

I hope you are all sitting down for this one.

Today, I caught Nonna trying to sneak in a new telanovella.  Now, I know I haven’t realy spoken about this since the first entry or so, but Nonna’s love for spanish tv has gotten so bad she now considers herself trilingual.  She has even memorized their commercials…it’s like some kind of weird Rosetta Stone for her or something…

Anyway, as this has gotten out of hand, I had to regulate: She is only allowed to watch one telanovella from 8pm-9pm every night. After that, we switch to english tv or I don’t hang out with her.  She has agreed and has been pretty compliant until tonight.

At 9:05, I notice Non is watching a NEW telanovella…So i called her out on it:

Me: It’s 9:05, El Nombre del amor is over, english tv only.

Nonna: But this one is so beautiful.

Me: No. Absolutely not.

Nonna: Look at that man, I love him so much.

Me: Who is he?

Nonna: My cousin told me he is German (I know a german on spanish tv…interesting), but he is so handsome.

Me: Yea he is.

Nonna: I have dreams on him.

Me: Excuse me?

Nonna: For 34 years I no dream of no man except Jesus, now he come on my dreams.

Me: Are you serious?

Nonna: Oh yes. I wakin up and say, oh, that was nice.

Me: I dont want to know what kind of dreams you are having…

Nonna: You gonna know one day.

So, being that Non is so cute, and she made me my favorite Din, I permitted her to watch the telanovella at 9:00. Every time the hot german spanish actor came on, Nonna would sigh and say “he so beautiful.” Until…

The HGSA’s tv wife had a baby…and the guy only gave his wife 4 flowers:

Nonna: WHA?! She just had a baby and he givin her that little thing…CHEAP!

Me: Yea that’s pretty weak.

Nonna: I no dream of him anymore.

Me: Its just tv non…

Nonna: I don care…the man on my dream gonna givin me lots of flowers if I pushin out a baby…

I mean…she does have a point…


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