Day 114: Single Bells, Single Bells

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Nonna’s house…

There really are no words to describe what a master piece Nonna’s house becomes during the Christmas season…and as there are no words (and pictures say 1000 of them…) I will conduct this blog in a semi-photojournalistic style.

The Nativity Scene:

For literally my entire life, I don’t think its Christmas until I view Nonna’s Nativity….

As you can see its about 3.5 feet long…complete with baby Jesus, fake sheep drinking from tin foil water, about 11 wise men, a random snow castle, not one but three guardian angels and a humongous North Star…and what would anything Nonna be without something slightly innapropriate…

It was my favorite thing when I was little to pull up a stool and play with the figurines.  Back then, Nonna went all out…she had real dirt in the manger, cotton balls for snow and she would put powdered sugar on the top of the manger…what a sight.  I would move all the figureines around, act out the nativity story and then, without fail, Non would yell at me and move all the figurines back to their starting positions.

Now, you would think with the extensive and detailed Nativity scene above, Nonna would be satisfied with just one.


Nativity Scene #2 was erected in the living room:

Nativity #3 – my bedroom

Nativity #4 – The Sun Porch

Nativity #5 – the Outdoor Extravaganza!

Pretty much every room in the house is a reminder of her savior’s birth…

Nonna gets pretty into the holiday season…which includes singing Christmas songs…

Today I came home to her singing the following song:

“Single Bells, Single Bells, Single all the way

Single bells, Single Bells, Single all the way


When I corrected her…this was her response:

Nonna: Daniel singin like that… (Daniel is my 2nd cousin’s 2.5 year old child…)

Me: Nonna, Daniel is 2.5

Nonna: So. We singin what we want to sing.

Me: Ok…

Nonna: “Single Bells…lalala”

Me: You are nuts.

Nonna: When you leavin here you are going to be one half Nonna. You watch.

Me: So I’ll be half nuts?

Nonna: Looka like…

I hope your holiday season is full of single bells and ho ho ho’s 🙂


One thought on “Day 114: Single Bells, Single Bells

  1. Becca says:

    I think Nonna would appreciate that in the town next to me, the nativity scene in the main square has live animals. A few towns over, they have a huge nativity scene all made out of chocolate.

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