Day 94: Nonna you look burnt…or dead.

Nonna: What would you do if when I die, and you say goodbye I go like this (winks at me) from my coffin?

Me: Scream?

Nonna: (hysterically laughing)

Nonna: In my home town my aunt knew this man.  He died.  Then he go to the casket and they no embalm him because they don’t do that there.  And everybody cry.  So in Italy they leave the body in the house overnight.  In the middle of the night everybody sleeping and then all of a sudden this guy wakin up in the middle of the night in the coffin and he say “what on you people doing to me?!” And the guy he lived another ten years.  Thank God he no embalmin…

Me: How do I even respond to that?

Nonna: In my home time: 1 bell means a man, dong. 2 bell is a woman and ding! ding! is a baby. (laughs hysterically)

Me: When you die, how many bells are going to ring?

Nonna: Just one, like a doorbell…and I gonna say to Jesus “I’m hooommme.”


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