Day 84: Health Care

In the spirit of election eve…here is Nonna’s take on New Jersey politics this evening:

Nonna:  I don get it.  One is fat. The other is hagly. And everyone fights like they is stupid. Then they makin me pay.  Today I go to the h-eye doctor. They telling me I gonna pay $35 for test.  Why they give me test. They don ask. They give me test. Now, I seein on the television all these shitty people.  They don have to pay $35 for doctor.  They havin doctors in their house.  I gonna see em and kick them in the (points to her butt).

Me: Tell me how you really feel.

Nonna: No, you don have no idea. You comin here and you get food and laundry and everything.  You no worry about these doctors.

Me: True.So are you gonna vote?

Nonna: (crazy laughter) You thinkin I am gonna vote for fat or hagly?  No its not. They gonna vote on me. Maria for president number one.  I am better than Obama.

Me: You can’t be president, you weren’t born in this country.

Nonna: I am better than you.  I took my citizen esame.

Me: I know you did.

Nonna: I passin the first time.  We don know if you pass test the first time (referring to my bar…thanks Non, as if i am not nervous enough…).

(no response from me)

Nonna: you gonna pass.

(still no response)

Nonna: Honey, you gonna pass. You gonna be president like me.

Me: You arent president.

Nonna: I am hold lady, I can no be president.

Me: Well McCain tried and he’s older than you.

Nonna: Who is this McCain?

Me: The guy who ran against Obama.

Nonna: No the lady run against obama. I likin her.

Sarah Palin 2012 anyone?


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