Day 79: The End of An Era

Sorry for the lack of blogging – Nonna’s been on “vacay” at my uncle’s house.

I am writing this blog in great sadness…the last immo hung up her soccer cleats last night (Yes, lil immo I know you play softball too…but I am going for the dramatic effect).  So now, it is time to reminisce on some of our favorite Nonna “all-star moments.”

I was very fortunate to play on one of those teams everyone hopes to play for – the proverbial dream team.  Here is the backstory: after our athletic director made an error, we were forced to forfeit our 4-0 record.  So while we were undefeated, we had a technical record of 0-4.  As such, we had to fight hard to make it to states.  The team was awesome, and we became one of those teams that every newspaper in the state followed…so naturally Nonna wanted in on the action.  (Note: Every single game that any of me or my sisters play, Nonna sits in a corner with her rosary beads and fold out chairs – totally away from the rest of the parents.  She gets very nervous and often cries when a goal is scored on us.) Anyway, we were playing against our arch rivals…who we needed to beat to qualify for states.  After a dead lock battle and a yellow card issued to me (I’m pretty tough…), we went into overtime tied 2-2.  We were down to the final two minutes of the second half of overtime when we scored off a penalty corner (don’t ask – its a field hockey thing) and won.  Naturally, we all tackled the girl, hoisted her on to our shoulders, screaming and crying as we female athletes do.  All of a sudden…i turn around and see Nonna bum-rushing the field.  My whole team embraced Nonna, and Nonna helped us lift our teammate up.

The next day, the newspaper had its whole backpage covered with a picture of my teammate being hoisted in to the air…and who else is on that cover…not me (a captain…) but my grandmother, who was blocking my face. Thanks Non.

This fond memory came flooding back to me last week, when the following occured:

My sister’s soccer team had a “Senior Night” to recognize the departing Class of 2010 (who feels old?!).  During that night, a team picture was taken for the yearbook.  So naturally, Nonna decides to bum rush the field (again) and dive in front of the team and poses like a goalie for their picture.  Obviously the yearbook photographer captured this moment…So now, my Nonna will be fully memorialized as a member of the 2009-2010 Girls Soccer Team. What a rediculous woman.

Just as another random memory:  My high school is about 1/4 mile from my house.  Every day my field hockey team would have to go for 45-70 minute runs.  We were allowed to run wherever, as long as we ran…What my coach didn’t know is that during these “long distance runs” we would run to Nonna’s, pick up some stromboli, and keep running…impressively, none of us ever threw up after this.

Since my other sister played left out during her reign of soccer, I can’t tell you her soccer memories…but I am sure she will have a response to this comment, so I will post that.  (Other than my nonna, my middle sister is the funniest person I know…)


2 thoughts on “Day 79: The End of An Era

  1. Aubrey says:

    I literally could not breathe for a solid 10-15 seconds after reading the story about Nonna and the FH celebration. Absolutely lost it. When is our playdate?

  2. CHRIS HULETTO says:

    “during these ‘long distance runs’ we would run to Nonna’s, pick up some stromboli, and keep running”

    this is beyond clever… and if i was a FH player at that point id have totally been there too

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