Day 69: Gay Marriage (hooray Nonna!)

Nonna came back from Church today very angry.

“I am so sickin and tired of people livin together before marriage and getting married in the white dress.  They already sleepin together.  I am no gonna givin gift to people who livin together. Why they gettin married, why don they just go to the Court house.  No body is a virgin anymore.”

I stayed silent…deathly afraid of what is going to happen.

Nonna: “An another thing. Esplain to me the gay union.”

Me: What do you mean?

Nonna: In New Jersey, the gay people gettin married.

Me: Oh they have a civil union in New Jersey (insert gay marriage explanation here).

Nonna: So what’s the big deal.  They livin together no matter what.

Me: I know, its not a big deal.

Nonna: So why people say no?

Me: Because people confuse religion and politics.

Nonna: Lookin like it.  I go to a lesbie wedding once and they lovin eachother like anybody else. I thinkin its sad now they say no to the people.

Me:  I know! I thought you didn’t agree with gay marriage.

Nonna: No, I been thinkin and thinkin.  Whas the big deal?  No matter what gay people don get married in the Church now but they can get married in the Court. I thinkin I gonna tell my church friends they wrong.

Me: You are awesome.

Nonna: I gonna tell them they stupid about abortion too.

Me: Holy crap.

Nonna: They always tellin me they hate Obama because he killin babies. I no think he do this right?

Me: No he doesn’t kill babies.

Nonna: I gonna tell em. You see, they gonna believe on me.

…alright everybody watch out — Nonna is changing the face of the Roman Catholic church.  What’s next women priests?

Nonna’s response to that: I don like it.

She might be pro gay marriage/pro -choice…but never pro-gender equality 😉


2 thoughts on “Day 69: Gay Marriage (hooray Nonna!)

  1. Tricia says:

    she’s like me and you; forward thinking and yet also a little chauvinistic. i love it.

  2. aubrey says:

    add me to that list! i hope this means she now also lights a candle for marriage equality. let me know if she needs one, i’ll pick one up from the “saint candle” aisle of walmart.

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