Day 63: Jesus is a good guy.

Today, after Nonna cursed Colorado during the Phils game, I asked Nonna the following:

Me: Nonna, when you curse on people are you cursing them? Or is Jesus?

Nonna: Don you know…Jesus is a good guy.

Me: No I know, but you always say Jesus is gonna curse on you.

Nonna: No, Jesus is beautiful. He told me today “Maria you is beautiful.”

Me: Oh really?

Nonna: Oh yes, he tellin me everyday “you do beautiful…”


Nonna: You gonna go to Church.

Me: Ok.

Nonna: No you gonna listen to me.  When you tellin me “I go see my friend.” or “I goin to work” You gonna say “I goin to Church.”  Its a sacrifice and it no cost you no money. You go drinkin and drugs and no church.

Me: I don’t do drugs.

Nonna: I don have no idea what you do or don do. I know you don go to Church every Sunday. You gonna go to teach your children.

Me: Ok I will make a better effort.

Nonna: Jesus knows when you go. You gonna love Jesus and Mary and the Saints and everyone. You gonna say,  help me friends.

Me: Ok.


Nonna: Don you know there is an angel and a devil on you. Today you was the devil.

Me: What?!

Nonna: You was the devil. You was nasty today.

Me: How was I nasty?

Nonna: You didnt speak to me for two hours.

Me: I was doing work…

Nonna: You supposed to say Nonna I love you every ten minutes when you home.

Me: Nonna I love you.

Nonna: Too late, you is the devil. I curse on you. I CURSE ON YOU. Not Jesus.

Well…anyone want to attend my exorcism?


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