Day 58: “You should be proud on me. I made it another year.”

Today is Nonna’s 74th Birthday!

This is how the day began:  I came downstairs at 5am singing Happy Birthday to the little lady.  She starts clapping and dancing around the kitchen.  I give her my card (a “To My Wife” Card) and she started laughing hysterically…only to start crying three seconds later saying, I no have a to my wife card in thirty three years.  Whoops….

Nonna’s Birthday Wishlist:

1) Toilet Paper

2) Paper Towels

3) Coffee

4) An Electric Frying Pan.

What is an electric frying pan you ask…it is a giant frying pan that you plug in (obviously).  I asked Nonna why she needed one…her response: So i don’t messin up the stove.  When I said “you will just mess up the counter instead” she told me “you ruinin my birthday.”

Nonna’s Birthday Party:

So, true to form, she invited everyone to her house for dinner.  So yes, she cooked her own birthday dinner. Here is the menu:




Chicken Parm

String Beans (cause “all you people watchin your figure”)

Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

Banana Cream Pie and Birthday Cake.

In Nonna’s words:  “I lostin half a pound.  I want it back.”

Now she is doing the dishes…believe me, I tried to do it…she told me again that I was ruining her birthday.  😦


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