Day 34: Nonna and Politics

Nonna is no stranger to the political field.  We’re talking about a woman here who has an opinion on everything, but doesn’t vote.  Has marched on washington on a pro-life campaign, but did it for Jesus.  And watched the Ted Kennedy memorial/funeral non-stop for three days (if you want to know anything about the Kennedy’s in general…Nonna is your go to girl.)  Now, due to her slight language barrier, she doesn’t quite understand certain issues.  And the issue on her mind (and everyone else’s i suppose) is healthcare. This conversation occurred after watching a news report on Obama’s health care speech.

Nonna: The thing is just one, whats all this mean?

Me: What do you mean?

Nonna: What do they mean, this “healthcare” (makes a weird face)

Me: Well they are trying to reform healthcare to make it affordable for everyone.

Nonna: So why they chargin me?

Me: Well, you still have to pay for it in the meantime.

Nonna: I pay too much money. I am hold lady, thank God I have this (points to brain) and this (points to leg).  I no hold like some people who have to use wheelchair or walker (demonstrates a hunched over person in a wheel chair).  Thank God for that. I no stupid. So why they charge me.

Me: Like I said, it’s just how it works right now.

Nonna: Honey, you a lawyer. You supposed to help me.

Me: Well, I don’t know how I can help you right this second because I am not a member of the bar yet.

Nonna: Who care.

Me: The New Jersey and New York Bar examiners probably.

Nonna: You selfish. Go get ready for work.

I don’t even sort of understand how it got to that point.  But Nonna’s political prowress is not limited to healthcare.  She also has opinions on gay marriage (Nonna: One time I went to a lesby wedding and it was nice), the economy (Nonna: all these shitty people spendin’ money too much. Everyone needs to shop at the dollar store), and education (Nonna: I should be a teacher, all this run-em-round no happen. Note: I don’t know what that means either…).

So, if you are ever interested in a friendly political debate…Nonna is your girl. Spar wisely.


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