Day 26: The Human Hair Trade

Nonna was a human hair dealer.

This is how I found out. I was cleaning out my hairbrush today and as a joke I took the hairball and gave it to Nonna as a present.  (Gross, I know).  Nonna started to laugh and says…this wortha 10 needles for sewin.

So, I looked at her and said (as you can imagine): What?!

Nonna: Back in the hold country we used to save all year round this hair.  We keepin in a plastic bag alll year.  Then, this guy comes to me once time a year and we all go out and sell our hair.  These things are valuable.

Me: What did they use it for?

Nonna: I don’t have no idea.  But he give me needles, thimbles and little dolls.

Me: Are you serious.

Nonna: Yes, i thinkin its because the hair no broken.

Me: But its hair…

Nonna: I gonna try and sell.

Me: I don’t think that works here…

Nonna: (laughing) I gonna tell you…God. Bless. America.


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