Day 23: Wake Up Call…

Alarm’s suck. No matter what time or how well your slept…alarms are just the worst thing to wake up in the morning.

Unless…10 minutes before you alarm goes off, your Nonna walks into your room and yells “GET UP!”

Picture this: It’s the night before my very first real day of work.  Nonna asks me the night before what time I am going to wake up in the morning.  I tell her that I set my alarm for 5:45am.  She looks at me and says: “honey…why you no sleep more.”  I ignored her and went to bed.   I was sleeping so peacefully, probably dreaming of some eggplant parm…when all of a sudden I am awoken by this screaming – literally screaming – voice “KELLLY, GET UP…YOU GONNA BE LATE!”  I jolt awake, panicked, thinking I slept in…then I look at my clock and see that its 5:30am. Naturally, I freak and scream back WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM.  Nonna starts to laugh hysterically.  I mean literally so hard she probably woke up the neighborhood. So I roll back over to sneak in my last 15 minutes and she decides it would be even better to just stand in my doorway saying “Get upppp.”

Finally, I woke up and jumped in the shower…at which time she applauded.  When I got out of the shower…on the kitchen table there was a bouquet of flowers and a card wishing me good luck on my first day at work.  (ok that was really cute).  I just looked at her while standing dripping wet in my towel and she naturally started crying.

I figured this was a good time to address the morning wake up call:

Me: Nonna, why do you have to wake me up… I am not 10 years old.

Nonna: Yes it is.

Me: No, I’m not, I can get up on my own.

Nonna: Wha if you no get up?

Me: What do you mean if i don’t get up?

Nonna: What happens if you no get up?

Me: Then you can wake me up.

Nonna: No ees not.  You wake up when I geta you.

Me: I don’t need you to wake me up in the morning.

Nonna: I curse on you.

Me: WHY?

Nonna: You no respect me.

Me: Fine you can wake me up in the morning.

Nonna: Good.

So, that night I came up with a plan to seek revenge.  Nonna asked me what time I was waking up in the morning.  I told her 6am.  Nonna said “H-ok” and then went to bed.  (Side Note: I was up really late finishing some work, and nonna came down at 12am and asked me why I was still working, she started crying when I told her I wasn’t finished…)  So anyway, I secretly set my alarm for 5:30.  When my alarm went off…I slowly crept to Nonna’s room, where she was slumbering so sweetly.  Then I screamed at the top of my lungs “NONNNA! ITS TIME TO GET UP!”  She jumped out of bed, grabbed the top of her head and started yelling “What! What!”  I started cracking up and said “how do you like it?”  Nonna started hysterically laughing and said “Tha’s awful…I no do that to you no more.



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