Day 19: Turning 21.

There is only one thing Nonna hates more than her friends:  Drinking.

When we were growing up, Nonna always warned us about drinking. Before I went to college Nonna sat me down and told me a phrase that has become the most well known Nonna quote of all time:  “Every time you take a drink, picture my face…crying.” This has become a mantra in our family…and consequently has led to many toasts in her honor.  I’m probably going to hell for that.

So this weekend is a very big weekend.  My sister is turning 21.  Now, this is a major event in most people’s life…but if you know my sister…it’s gonna be better than most.  So my sister called Nonna for her weekly “redickalous” call and this was the following conversation (heard only from my end).

Nonna: Hallo. Yes vaaary. Redickalous. (laughter).  You a redickalous. Biotcha. You a biotcha. What you want to eat next week. I make a lemon chicken, chicken parmagiana. Anyting else? Ok, I no know when I talk to you but the thing is just one, you gonna have a good time tonight. But don get sick. You need to do whats right for Brittany. Don be crazy. Wha you doin? You workin? You at the beach? Well, if you no workin, you at the beach or the pool? So you do nothin? H-ok. H-ok I see you. Oh, another ting, I gonna give you money when you come. I no send. H-ok. H-ok I love you. Ciao.”

The thing I love about this conversation is it illustrates exactly the difference between me and my sister.  When I turned 21…my Nonna cried. Literally cried. Not because it was my birthday…but because I could legally drink.  My Nonna told me the other day that Brittany turning 21 was “no big deal” because “she already drinkin.” Now, I was no saint either…but whatever.  My sister also lives with my Nonna, and when Britt is home she doesn’t have a curfew, which is fine – she is 21 after all – But in Nonna’s words “I just happy she comes home…” But when I go out…Nonna yells at me if I am home later than 9:00pm.  She actually told me the other day “I so happy you no have friends.” My.Life.Is.Sad. (but hilarious).

So Happy Saturday everyone…have a drink in Nonna’s honor…(Side Note: maybe I should sell some t-shirts with “picture my face crying” on the front.)

And a special happy birthday to my sister…don get sick. 😉


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