Day 9: The Dollar Tree

Living in New Jersey makes you accessible to pretty much everything: Philly, New York, the Shore, Target, Acme, CVS, diners and of course…Dollar Tree.

You may be wondering what Dollar Tree is…Dollar Tree is Nonna’s favorite dollar store.  She buys literally everything there: soap, toilet paper, utensils, gift wrap, Jesus candles (not joking) etc…all for one dollar.

Today, while driving with the Non, she began to tell me about all the dollar stores in the area (there are a lot).  She was explaining to me that some dollar stores are now trying to charge you $1.39 or $1.19 for things.  This obviously angered her.  She explained to me that if the stores keep doing things like this, they will have prices like CVS (which she calls “high class”).  Trying to hold in my laughter, I asked her if her Dollar Tree did this.  She said (in a horrified voice) “Noooo….my Dollar Tree take care of me.”

Seeing an opportunity, I jumped into my favorite game: What will Nonna admit to buying at the Dollar Store.  (Note: I began this game after my sister and I found out she bought lunchmeat at the dollar store.  I am all for saving money, but the lunchmeat from the dollar store did us in.  So now, whenever I get a chance, I like to find out what exactly in the fridge is from the dollar store.)  So today the conversation went a bit like this:

Me: “So, what do you buy from the dollar store?”

Nonna:  (dirty look) “Whatever I want”

Me: “Like what…”

Nonna: “I no buy the lunch meat for you there anymore. I go to Shop-a Rite.”

Me: “Oh I know…but what else do you buy?”

Nonna: “Enough.”

Me: (laughing) “Ok crazy.”

Nonna: “But I gonna tell you, the thing is just one…the bread I buy is so delicious. It’s so sweet its un-be-lievable. Now, leave-a me alone.”


Nonna: “The Dollar store is high quality. Really. You get gift bags there that are so cute. And decorations. And eggs.”

(Me in my head: GOT HER.)

Me: Oh so you get eggs there too.

Nonna: You a bitch. you can see, Nonna defends the Dollar Tree just as much as she defends the Family Tree.

Announcement:  Nonna is jarring her tomato sauce – a once a year event.  So far, I have three knife cuts and a scalded left hand.  More blogging about this to follow.


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