Days 5-6: Wii 1, Nonna 0

Well friends, the only thing better than Nonna at home is Nonna on vacay!

This weekend, we traveled to my aunt’s house in the Poconos for a relaxing weekend full of sun, boating and of course…family olympics.  While Nonna sat so cutely on the boat with her giant boating hat with ear-flaps and wore Hawaiian print shirts all weekend, me and my cousins were duking it out on the diving board and inner tube.

Then it was time for the wii bowling tournament.

As a joke, my cousin made a “mii” of Nonna – complete with all black clothing and a giant mole.  After seeing the striking resemblance, Nonna decided she was playing.  None of us were prepared for what happened next.

It first started with trying to get Nonna to complete an actual “bowl.”  She kept pressing random buttons which would inevitably exit the game and would require us to get it back to the screen so she could do the same thing again.  Then, after about 5-7 demonstrations, she was “bowling.”

On her first 3-4 turns Nonna could not knock down more than 3 pins at a time.  At first she was cursing the screen.  Then she was cursing the controller.  Then she started spitting on the controller.  Then…she took matters into her own hands.  She decided that the best way for her to bowl a strike would be to charge the TV.  So she literally ran at the TV in an attempt to knock more pins down.  Naturally she trips, stumbles and nearly falls INTO the TV.

After we all recovered from hysterically laughing, Nonna told us that this once happened to her in real life. When Nonna and my grandfather first “came in this country” my grandfather took her bowling.  Nonna had never been to a bowling alley in her life, nor did she even remotely understand the concept of bowling.  So, on her turn, where most people roll a ball down the alley…Nonna rolled her ball and did not let go.  So she ran with the ball down the alley and literally into the pins.

I swear…you can’t make this stuff up.


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